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The is a website that helps to feature new talent coming into the field like film, television, sports and etc. Our website provides such a platform in which anyone can put their talent in front of the whole world. Our hard work and your ability to create a similar platform, which can surely make you successful in any industry.

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The salutes every type of talent. There is no discrimination in showing the world what you are capable of. All that matters to us is how hard you have worked for the dream you are dreaming of. We have set some points of criteria. if you have them then you are welcome in part of our family.

If you want to Publish Your Profile on MyCeLeBwoRLD, Then Contact Us at or use our contact us page.

There are Certain Conditions that must be fulfilled-

  1. We Can ask for your Identity Card to verify it’s you.
  2. We hate spam and fake profiles.
  3. You must be famous in any respective field.
  4. We create a profile for free. Currently, we don’t charge for profiles.
  5. Once all requirements met, You have to send your information/Profile details in pdf, docs, or text format.